Nuance Chocolate - Featured Listing

214 Pine Street, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

Nuance Chocolate makes artisanal chocolate. Authentic, honest, spirited chocolate. We start by selecting premium cacao beans from ethical sources around the globe, which we gently roast in small batches to develop depth and range. Then we grind them for as many as three consecutive days, creating the ideal balance of flavors, aromas, and textures. Finally, we form the chocolate into a range of delicious treats, ranging from single-origin bars to rich truffles. The largest selection of single-origin chocolate in the world.

Toby and Alix Gadd, co-founders and owners of Nuance Chocolate, have been certified chocoholics for decades, even going on chocolate-tasting dates together over a decade ago. Inspired after visiting a chocolate museum near Hone Creek in Costa Rica, their infatuation with eating chocolate developed into exploring the chemistry, flavors, and mysteries of making their own small-batch chocolate. What began as an all-consuming family hobby quickly outgrew their home kitchen, blossoming into Nuance Chocolate—one of a very small number of true bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the United States.

Strong adherents of the Golden Rule, Toby and Alix are committed to making the world a better place. Our cacao beans and other ingredients are responsibly and ethically sourced, taking into consideration the people who produce them and the lands that they are grown on.