Lucile's Creole Cafe - Featured Restaurant

400 South Meldrum Street, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521

                After 36 years, Lucile’s is still providing the best breakfast we can find. As a family establishment Lucile’s has always strived to provide a comfortable and unique atmosphere as well as excellent food. The original restaurant in Boulder Colorado resides in a small Victorian house painted our signature pale yellow. The menu is adorned with a photograph of the owner and his mother Lucile, the restaurants namesake. Lucile’s Restaurant was established in 1980, by myself and my mother, Lucile Richards. We developed a Creole menu shortly thereafter and shifted the restaurant’s goals to becoming the nation’s premier brunch restaurant. Lucile’s first chef received his training from the famous New Orleans restaurant, “Commanders Palace.” A breakfast and lunch restaurant serving a Creole theme had never been attempted before in Colorado. However, within a brief period, Lucile’s had made its mark with such unique meals as “Cajun Breakfast” (red beans, poached eggs, hollandaise and grits) and “Eggs New Orleans” (fried eggplant, poached eggs, creole spice and hollandaise).

Over the years, Chef Mickey Samuels has developed both the breakfast and lunch menus into culinary delights. His legacy continues to enrich the daily selections by using only the freshest produce, meat and seafood available each day. Lucile’s expanded by opening a second restaurant in January of 1996, located in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Fort Collins restaurant is run day to day by Tony Hanks, a born and bred Creole from Louisiana.

In addition, we have developed our own food products and signature items. We create and sell our own Creole seasonings; we use only Chef Mickey’s homemade jam, we are well known for our private blend of “Lucile’s Coffee” and we have established an excellent catering service.

Lucile’s has made a commitment to be at the forefront and cutting edge of breakfast and lunch cuisine, offering our high standards and consistent and efficient service. Come on in today!