Café de Bangkok

Cafe de Bangkok

Cafe De Bangkok

Café de Bangkok in Fort Collins welcomes you to come learn, explore and eat some of the best Thai food in Fort Collins. Owned by Thailand natives, Ram Wiratpintu and Kae Dumrongpalasit, this casual style restaurant welcomes you with a simple ambiance that educates through pictures and stories about Thailand.  It recently renovated about a year and a half ago to allow for more seating.  They have earned quite the reputation as Northern Colorado’s best authentic Thai restaurant and rank #1 on Trip advisor for local Thai cuisine.

Each region of Thailand has its own style of cooking. In the North East there are no coconut trees, hence no coconut milk, therefore the food is very spicy. Southern cooking, with its abundance of fresh fish and coconuts, tends to be rich in fish and seafood dishes, including coconut milk-based curries. From the Central region, tons of fragrant, jasmine-scented rice are exported around the world each year, therefore jasmine rice is a part of every meal. Pad Thai is from this area. Traditionally the residents of North region near Chiangmai ate exclusively sticky rice and the region is the least spicy of Thailand’s cooking styles.

The food at Café de Bangkok is very authentic. They only hire true experienced Thai chefs to prep and cook the dishes for their customers.  Each chef is tested to cook several different dishes and present them to Ram and Kae. The qualified candidates must have the understanding and full experience of Thai cooking before one can be invited to join their team. Their chefs are from different regions in Thailand bringing diversity in cooking style to all.

Cafe de Bagkok
Pad Thai, Pad Seew, Drunken Noodle and Thai Fried Rice are popular Thai dishes. Not all dishes are created equal though- you will be able to taste the difference at Café de Bangkok.  The dishes include the highest quality freshest ingredients, in the right proportions to give the superior taste and aromatic flavors of what Thai people eat. They never adjust the taste to match local peoples tongue as a result the customers experience delicious real authentic Thai food. Ninety- percent of all ingredients used are products of Thailand.

Open daily for lunch and dinner, 11am-2:30pm and 4:30-9pm.

Located close to CSU and the International dorm
1232 W. Elizabeth, Fort Collins, 970-672-8127.