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Thank you for visiting with us and welcome to Dining and Desserts online source for dining and more within the Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and surrounding area.“Where shall we eat”- This is probably one of the most asked dining questions. With over 400 restaurants in Ft. Collins, Loveland and Windsor, we could eat at a different restaurant each day for a year, and still would not have tried them all!

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From your local pizza place to ordering food online and much more, Dining and Desserts is the #1 most complete and up to date dining source in the area allowing you to make informed decisions on your next dining out experience.

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We hope that you enjoy our site even though we are undergoing a lot of revisions and many new additions. Please take time to rate your favorite restaurants in Fort Collins and Loveland, and all of Northern Colorado. We thank you for visiting, and we apologize for any inconvenience using the site while we undergo several additions, but know you will enjoy your experience as you browse the many options available.  Please visit our contact page for any suggestions and comments.

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